You can buy points with credit card, giving real money. You can earn coins by playing games in ultimate team, and whe nyou open packs, you can quick sell some players and things and get back some coins. So, you give points to open pack, quick sell/discard players, and you get coins.

How in the world does he have 11 million coins and 450k something points? Im still stuck with 30k coins. Is there like a coins cheat or something or are these guys just using money to buy points? The first 2 things that pop up are country and position. The player he got, Nani, is from the same country and plays the same position as Ronaldo.

it’s Faltz it’s not luck , it’s just opening shit loads of packs. Between the second last and last pack in the video his balance was reduced by about 40k FIFA points.

W2S may i kindly ask How many controllers have u got? Like u bang ur controller every time u wanna keep it down But keep up the good work bruv!!!! I actually dicovered you in my recommendations yesterday and have been watching ur videos from morning to night and that keeps repeating keep up the good work W2S FOREVER!

How have u got so many coins n Fifa points? Did u spend money on all them? Just wondering, I wud love any help as im new to Fifa 17, used to play them all years back.

W2S stop clickbaiting and overreacting be caused you are like “OMG I GOT MESSI” and run around like you will die and stop complaining about the pack luck and the servers.

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