FIFA Puskas Award 2016 – All Nominated Goals

That last one for sure! It is like Roberto Carlos soul has possessed his body. Just it’s so sad cause he has no recognition and did not play in big famous club, he surely has hard time since it is voted by public.

hate to say this about my own country but its true, but we dont have a competent opposition party to topple our government of 50+ years, ever since our independence. Its funny how about 50% or more of our channels are still in standard 4:3 resolution, and the other 50% is also provided in standard too, but also provided in hd. I personally thought that hd (normal hd, 720p, not fhd or uhd) should be more mainstream by now, and it would be better to downscale hd to 4:3 tvs (and show black bars) than to give an upscaled standard definition footage to people with hd tvs.

also most malaysians who actively follow football are fans of other clubs. There are fans of local teams of course, but fans are usually from the area and support these teams because they are their local team. Unlike global clubs like barcelona, madrid, bayern etc who have large number of fans worldwide, even though some are just plastic fans.

it’s soo much about popularity. That’s why that brazilian dude won last year. Because the whole country was supporting him. Because this is a voting competition. That’s why popularity is what matters. Otherwise Messi’s shitty goal wouldn’t have been in the list.

I am from Krakozhia.. I vote for the wonderful free kick by the guy name Faiz Subri..that goal was very unbelievable..what is the name of the league they play & what club?

Ahhahahaah triggered because Shaqiri is albanian ? And tbh, theres probably 1000 goals that are better than Messi or the woman goal, they just put Messi, so they make more money, and they put the woman cuz otherwise, feminazi would have cried.

I wouldn’t say it’s luck, because this guy pretty good with free kicks or scoring from afar. It’s only that his free kick this time around happens to be superior than normal. I was there in stadium watching the game and the wind direction is just normal during the match. I wouldn’t say that he will become the next Roberto Carlos when it comes to free kick, but this goal from Faiz Subri is undoubtly better than the one Roberto Carlos did and deserve the Puskas award.

Yeah, most of it was a luck but it is still considered as a stunning goal,rare to see as the last time I saw that kind of goal scored was from roberto carlos which was a decade ago. No doubt he should definitely win the puskas award. Messi’s goal was also great but it was clearly depended on luck too,besides his freekick is pretty common to see nowadays even I’ve seen some unpopular players scored like that before.

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