Long Shots From FIFA 94 to 17

FIFA 08 – 17 , 9 years and we have to still deal with the same commentary, please EA change FIFAs commentators , Martin Tyler sounds the fucking same every game , lazy bastards you are FIFA lol just import sound bits from game to game.

I don’t think he’s complaining about Tyler I think he wants them to record new audio clips. I’ve been listening to ‘this has been some great build up play, now they’re here” every game for the last 10 years.

listen to the crowd and the commentary on fifa 07-08… EA only care for graphics and forget about what made fifa amazing, the atmosphere playing the game.

a man of course he has the most beautiful and name that I ever have been using and has always made my read to my son who he has always wanted me for the my world I hope I am not the one to say I am the one who has to do so much and he is.

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