Should build an expensive team


I wonder why one should build an expensive team when it has no effect whatsever – and, in my subjective opinion, actually makes you lose more games! I have two teams, one featuring the likes of IF Depay, IF Mane, Aguero etc etc; my other team is a cheap Bundesliga team with cheap gold players. Whenever I play my expensive team, and especially since buying Aguero, my opponents’ teams have turned into super-charged hellrazers who can even get the ball off me when I’m shielding it (usually from behind through my legs), get every rebound, and shoot cheap goals from far out. When I play my cheap team, things are much more balanced and I usually win my matches. My point is: why spend 450,000+ coins on Aguero when it has a detrimental effect on your performance? What’s the point? Shouldn’t a great player boost your performance? Something is seriously rotten in the land of FUT.

Because it’s more fun playing with players that you like in real life. For instance, I prefer playing with Ronaldo and scoring a hattrick then playing with some idiot Musa and scoring one.

Banning me won’t change anything, I have done nothing wrong. And Julian, sure, playing with your favourite player is fun, but don’t you think that high rated players should perform well – especially when you’re not controlling them (i.e. runs and positioning etc)?

That’s the weird part, though. Some times the better players are a difference maker. But the game is just so freaking random. One game will be lightning fast. Another will be painfully slow. One game the higher rated players will dominate. The next, they’ll get swallowed whole by a 50 chem silver team.

Of course it’s difficult to create player control when you have 11 players to manage on your side, I know. But I feel like you, Zuka, that the games are often quite random. Sometimes I can get by by shielding the ball and dribbling, in the next match, shielding no longer works (opponent just takes the ball away no matter what) and the players who were really good a dribbling in the previous match now can’t get past a single opponent (who has lighting fast reflexes).

I’m not sure it does help them . I just think they can afford to so they do. It does not hurt to use better players, I just don’t think there is much difference. For most players, the AI is the best player out there. No matter who you are using.

Most of the time, the AI controls your players, how else would a game involving 22 players be possible? Very often, you know exactly that the ‘person’ who just took the ball away from you was not the player but the AI; and that’s unfair pitting a person’s thumbs against a computer’s brains.

I’m just as confused as you about this. I’m wondering if I should just stop saving and start wasting coins on packs. My team isn’t nearly as good (Godin, Modric, Pepe, IF N’zonzi, a couple other IF’s, etc) and they almost suck in game. Then, I play with a pretty much discard team and start wrecking anyone I play. My season has been L W L W L W etc since I’ve been playing every other.

Wasting coins is the right expression. Not only are the high rated players no better than low rated ones but the pack yield is absolutely ridiculous. I bought the 99 dollar version of Fifa with 2x free jumbo gold packs; so far I haven’t received a single player of note.

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