Is there any place on the web that lists all challenges with requirements



Spent my Sunday grinding out the teams (other than the big ones) in the Liga NOS on the companion app. Cracking app, although I did accidentally buy a silver CB off Braga for 10k buy now due to me leaving my phone unlocked whilst walking. Ended up breaking even though thanks to pack pulls, with a SBC Jonas so happy with that. Look forward to trying him out.

Hello guys im from the Netherlands and my English is not that good so im sorry for that.But if you do the 50k pack challenge do you need to do the other 3 also in the group?People said somithing about loyalty but dont know what that means.

You get the 50k pack just for the 9 leagues and 7 nations one mate, if you play 10 games witht the squad player gains a loyalty point to give you enough chemistry to submit the squad.

If you have the patience, I’m sure you could open bronze packs and keep the players (sell the liga nos and MLS) sell off any consumables that sell and then use the players to fill up the bronze upgrade to then get the silver pack. Rinse and repeat until you get enough silvers to use for the silver upgrade and so on.. Then you could technically get the 2 rare gold players for free as long as you can sell a few items from the original bronze packs.

Just seen a Nepenthez video.. to get the 10 game loyalty you can go and play against the TOTW, start the game and dashboard. The game counts as a game on the player but doesn’t go on your record. You do lose a contract and i’m assuming that it will also count on your coin boosts but i’m not 100% sure about that.

Hey guys. Is there any place on the web that lists all challenges with requirements and rewards ? Navigating the menus on the web app is basically rocket science as far as my phone is concerned … Since it is translated to german, to me it seems there is also some ambiguity as to what the reward actually entails.

Managed to complete the kickoff/EA Access/get started as well as the nation Hybrid grouping so far and while i have not really kept track, i think it was actually kinda sorta profitable. Couple decent players in there (Draxler and 3 or 4 that went for 2-4k).

Something they should have put in game is the ability to click on a player and add them to which ever specific squad builder challenge team you want to so you don’t have to go through all the menus.

So for example, you open a pack and get Tim Howard, you click on him and there’s an option that says “Add to challenge” you click that and a list of challenges he’s eligible for would pop up and you can add him to it straight from the pack.

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