FIFA 17 Vs PES 17: Penalty Kicks

Fifa’s transitions are soo bad, you can genuinely see the end of an animation and the start of the new one, its never fluid….pes is very fluid, i think fifa only wins year in year out because they monopolized the licences.

I played so much PES and i can say that fifa is better, my friend played pes all his life, then he played fifa at my house yesterday and decided to change from pes to fifa. Thats my opinion so im not gonna reply dumb comments of fanboys.

shaka1987 15 was awesome. Goalkeepers was poor at times, FIFA 16 Goalkeepers made more realistic saves and it was the only thing good about the game. FIFA 15 is such a nice game to play, still have mine.

I feel like the biggest issue for PES are the licenses.They make no attempt to mimic actual one. If I cant use Barcelona, I’ll use Barfalona, no Chelsea? How about Chelskea with a badge that resembles but not the real one.Other than that, it’s a unique game in its own way.

fifa is the same wack game play all the time i have bought pes and im happy with it i only played fifa when i got my xbox one and got fifa 14 i thought its ok ive been a pes fan up to 12 which i thought was shocking stopped playing football games for a long time but its prefer pes only downside is they cant get all the football kit licence but if people prefer fifa or pes thats up to them but im not feeling fifa 17.

If pes is lifeless then Fifa has to be more than dead. In this there just wasn’t any commentary because it was the demo, which makes it feel a bit empty. But in pes the player have emotions (physically), as you can clearly see when Messi scores.

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