Lag issues affecting gameplay and physics in game on fut 16/p2

My last game, I somehow won 2-1 but it was doing all it could to let the oppo win – every ball I passed went straight to them, every clearance was instantly closed down and blocked. My players just would move or tackle and the screen was really really laggy.

If im playing anyone decent at passing ive no chance i can read the play but my players are never getting there. Then when i get it if i dont ping pong it im closed down before my player can even get control of the ball. Its a joke using george best is like using mertesacker.

Yeah even though it’s p2p, I think it still has got to go via EA somehow and somewhere along the line. All the issues that are happening I haven’t changed a thing my end yet the game is pretty much un-playable. I’ve seen these problems over the years and I’m convinced 100% this is to do with EA now.

Yeh it’s been here for a while now, several years. FIFA 16 seems to be very much more sporadic though than previous years – the change in gameplay from good to bad is quick, and the nature of issues are far more easy to see and feel now than before.


It is not a UK issue. I live on the east coast of USA and have had it for 4 years now. Weeks at a time all my games will be slow and unresponsvie. And then all of a sudden for a day, I will have butter smooth games and win div 1 easily. And then it comes back and I get relegated to div 3. Absolute joke from EA side.

Thanks, yes it has been around for years – I’ve had it since about 2008-09 ish. It has improved sort of, also a ISP was partially to blame in the earlier years (although they say it’s not them). Now this is down to EA, FIFA 16 I find is very very changeable for me i.e from good to bad game play, happens much more often now.

I’d be surprised if it’s the controller, try a spare first – I’ve tried using a couple of different ones and no difference. I’ve spent many years battling these issues with all sorts of people from ISP’s, BT and EA – EA need to step up now, I’ve got a lot of experience in this and EA can’t ignore it no more.

Well I spent the most part of last year complaining to them. Changed all my equipment, my isp to google fiber with 3ms ping and 1000mbps down and 800mbps up. Still had this issue. In the end, they gave me Star Wars Battlefront as compensation, which i sold and now I continue to bug them. So bad from their end.

This is the kind evidence EA need to see, now for one they can not blame your ISP or broadband connection – I’ve been there myself and changed ISP’s in the past. EA need to solve this to repay all of their loyal and paying customers that they are making a lot of money out of these days.

Yeah Ive had two different ISP’s the problems started at the start of fifa 13 was with BT infinity then on fifa 15 moved to plusnet fibre even upgraded to pro gaming still awful and now back to BT infinity 2. Oh yeah forgot to mention just checked my connection on battlefield 4” go to options and press RS Down, Latency 13ms, 3 green bars so where’s it going wrong with fifa.

But something has clearly changed in the last few days for a lot of us. I’ve literally just finished a game now and it was like ping pong all the time all over the pitch, juddering aswell – I managed to get a couple of goals and the opponent got that pi**ed off with it he quit.

Same here. Pass-receivers are shaking and stuttering, high balls jump away by meters and short passes are slow and imprecise. Turns are in slow motion. Even short throw-ins go terribly wrong. My players feel as if they are running through mud having no strength at all – canĀ“t win any aerial duels… having these problems since fifa 14. This is happening in fut OFFLINE league and tournaments, since i gave up on playing online somewhen in early fifa 15… imo all these issues are caused by heavy button lag due to their outdated and crowded servers. Don’t have any problems with other games. I’m from austria and on xbone btw. Greetings!

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