It didn’t. Stop saying shit. The entire ball needs to pass the line and we can clearly see the white line being interrupted under the ball. Yeah, these were correct calls. To be fair, though, I DO have one clip or two in which the ball clearly is beyond the line and the system said “no goal”. Haven’t uploaded them yet, tho.

They all werent goals.. You lot have no football knowledge. The ball has to be FULLY over the line in order to be a goal. In all those up there the ball was still a bit on the goal line.

you see the ball inside or over the goal line because the camera is not exactly straight above the crossbar or the line, it’s a bit leaned, but if you see it from beside, the goal decision system is right, no goal.

The ball has to cross the line entirely. The entire ball has to be beyond the ENTIRE goal line. These were not. In some clips, you THINK it got in because the camera angle is not exactly on point.

i dont see why these are fails reason most of these looks like in is because the camra isnt focust with the ball in center and the fact that you can see green under the ball does not mean it’s in haha the ball is round so these looks more like grate AI form EA.

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