Chelsea Fifa 16 Career Mode Co-op

Such dead and shit carrer modes. You literally but the same players every single time. I’m a Benfica fan but this is fucking ridicoulous. Always a portuguese league, Benfica or world class players. You never go for midle level type of guys.

It is not that it is unrealitc like portsmouth in the bpl in 4 years but I want a fun cereer mode were you have a full 1 rated team but they all have decent pace so thay they don’t suck complete ass and do a full 5 year cereer mode. Be carative and be smart.

thanks Andre.. he actually mentioned it being legendary in a recent video. For me World Class is painful, not too difficult just mind numbing possession and passing, might give Legendary a gander.

Career mode is meant to be a career of a club you join. Ultimate team is unrealistic. Tbh, I never play career mode anymore as they never add anything and it’s complete bullshit. Football manager is so much better. You can’t do shit like AA does and sell an entire team in 1 window and build a team of random players. Kills the fun of career mode doing it that way.

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