It will be tough to find space in the middle of the park

I honestly didn’t think you did based on the criticism you’ve been giving them, lol, I was simply saying it can’t be any worse than fullbacks playing in the middle of the park giving the ball away, referring to another top team we’d be competing with. Yeah Pep is kinda surprising me with the way he’s handling things at the moment.

This. I hope Mou didn’t buy him to use as a sub. I know he has struggled to adapt at times in the past after a move, but I think he’s a wonderful player. I badly wanted my club to buy him.

Mata has to be dropped if the lump that is our captain still has to be on the pitch, otherwise it will be tough to find space in the middle of the park because him, Rooney and Ibra all move into that area.

I don’t get it either. I know he’s not what he was, but I don’t think he hinders us as much as people make it out to be. I still don’t get the “slows up the attack” because “he receives the ball, looks up, and then passes” if that’s the case then we’ve got a lot of players that “slow up the attack”. Sure his touch fails him at time and he’s sluggish, but still contributes, played well last game. But I’m not trying to get into an argument either.


That being said he’s had games where he needed to be subbed after 30 mins, and then he has games like last week where he played well, but could have been better if he had finished the other 2 chances.

I think it’s partially because he’s trying to ease him in knowing his history, and partially him trying to show everyone that he’s got no bad blood between him and Mata. Honestly if Lingard is healthy, wouldn’t even be surprised if he gets the go. Looked very bright in pre season. I’d love to Mkh to get the start though so we can have proper pace on both wings.

Started 2010 with the whole contract fuss and him handing in two transfer requests during his time here. That hasn’t been forgotten. Then there are all the rumours and speculation that he’s been the one leaking info the last few years about the club and the Moyes and LVG eras. Plus the added fact that he seems to have this forcefield around him from the media that makes him devoid of any criticism.

None of this takes into account that he’s has been pretty much ineffective for the last two years and constantly breaks up attacks because of his lack of touch and speed of thought seemingly going down. And now that we have a really solid first XI that we could field, most fans still find it ridiculous that we are trying to pidgeonhole him into the lineup even if our other personnel would be better suited with him on the bench. It’s what could make or break us this season depending on when Mourinho drops him (unless of course he miraculously rediscovers his skills from 4 years ago which the media still thinks he can do).

Yeah Sunday’s game was what prompted me to ask how he slowed up the attack because he was always quick to get the ball off of his feet from what I saw. I agree with you. I think for some they just take his past success for granted. I think there are 19 other Premier League sides who would be happy to have him.

I really don’t think Rooney will be what “makes or breaks us”. I honestly think he’d be an effective CM in a deeper role but Mou won’t play him there. I wish we would sell him because Mou won’t play him at CM, but I agree we have a better option for CAM than him at the moment with his touch being inconsistent. But I don’t think Rooney playing or not will make or break us.

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