Top 20 Most Ankle Breaker Skills

I have good dribbling skill that’s why he can always solo. Having skill moves doesn’t mean he can always score solo goals. I’m just saying cr7 is more skilful, for now. What i mean by goalscoring machine means that he can always score goals and have good finishing. A single season with a century of goals doesn’t make him a better goalscoring machine but for that season he will definitely be known for one of the best player in scoring goals. Look at messi recently, he scored lesser since coming back from injury but instead he makes a lot of good pass that you will enjoy watching.

Watch the three defenders in front of him move as one. That’s what killed them. That’s a good player against a bad team. Defenders must spread and guard different angles or players and rotate when one fails, not that circus. Still a good striker, that fact is undeniable.

the one from kaka was sick he even got the defender injured , the one from messi was suppose to be number one because he got to score and it was a semifinal of champions league game against bayern one of the best teams in the world yes the one from dimaria was sick aswell but he didnt score ronaldo did.

I don’t think de Maria’s no.1 can be called an “Ankle Breaker”. It looked more like Puyol slipped on the grass after a full speed run in, ie an accident. Ramadan Sobhi, Messi and Hazard’s were way better. They looked cleaner and forced.

Roberto Carlos in his prime def one of the greatest… but those last years with Madrid. He was mediocre.. Just like Puyol his last days with Barca. It was all about leadership for the team at that point. Thats why they were there. Not because they USE to be great defenders.

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