What matches are you all investing in?

What matches are you all investing in? Just looking to pick up the players so I can complete the challenges if there are ones. Already bought PSG, Marseille, Ajax, Feynord, Ranges and Celtic. What else should I be looking for?

Maybe CSKA-Lokomotiv, CSKA players can be saved for Moscov derby when CSKA plays against Spartac. Then there are Medellin-Nacional, some match from argentina league and jesus just can’t remember them all.

I’d love to be proven wrong, but: told you guys. the Halloween thing probably replaced marquee matchups. Still holding on to my players just in case though, but i’m afraid i put my money on the wrong horse. story of my life.

Do you reckon they would do another challenge that involves Manchester United ? Keeping in mind they had one last year and Chelsea-Manchester United is not nearly as big as Manchester United-Liverpool or Manchester United-Manchester City [which will definitely be featured in the future].

For everyone else, I think you lot should go back a page or two and read over Aaron’s reasoning: the Halloween challenges simply replaced other challenges that have expired. He is not infallible but it does make sense, so have a little bit of faith, and hopefully we can all make some profit once/if it drops.


Even tho it is “Jose faces Blues again”, it is just media that makes things big. It has no derby value whatsoever. This said, I do have couple cards from each team, more than couple from Chelsea for some odd reason. But I ain’t gonna waste time bidding on filthy Manu cards.

I never considered that aspect of it. That is, he is facing his old club. But I doubt that is substantial enough to base an entire challenge on. Ashley Young was a great payday last week as I bought several for 900c and offloaded them for upwards of 3.8k. But I doubt he would do much for me this week.

Well have now sold my Genoa, Sampdoria, Celta and Deportivo cards. Transfer profit rose about 100k. Felt dirty selling non spanish Celta and Deportivo players but hey, it’s cruel word. Ajax, Feyenoord, PSG and Marseille players going not that much but can shift them off for 1k profit per card, got 3-4k profit for those other ones. Sick.

This method is dead guys, earlier on in the year there weren’t as many cards on the market, now there are literally thousands of every card floating around they will rise less and less from now on.

Well, I made some decent profit, not what I expected to make, but hey! it’s something. Had a lot of dutch players from Ajax and Feyenoord, but thanks to the 6 nationalities those aren’t worth much and had 5 elia’s but his position doesn’t fit. Gladly made around 1k profit on 10 vainqueur’s and some silver psg players and rabiot aswell. So I’m happy! I hope next week I can make more profit. So any ideas about next week?

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