FIFA 17 Gameplay FULL MATCH – MARCO REUS Playing FIFA 17 Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern München

The player faces are dreadful, so are the crowd, the commentators are still recycling the same comments, gameplay doesn’t look very innovative, idk it just never seems like they make any improvements.

You can’t judge a game that you never played before. If you didn’t see a single difference then you completely dumb. Pretty much almost the whole game has been revamped. There’s no possible it looks the same. Did you not see the new engine you added. It basically makes it one of this most realistic soccer games out there. In fact a lot of youtubers didn’t even play much of PES 2017 cause it’s like the game didn’t really have a huge improvement only small changes.. At this point many people prefer to play FIFA 17 instead. Just because FIFA wasn’t voted the best sports games doesn’t mean the game is trash. EA has really stepped up this year. Don’t just be a PES fanboy and not play a game you haven’t before. It doesn’t really to make any sense. To me I like both games but this year FIFA was won for sure.

Just because PES was nominated as one of the best sports game doesn’t mean that it’s better than FIFA 17. You are forgetting one part and that’s the reviews and sales it has. Marketing is more important than getting a reward which doesn’t really make any sense because both games hadn’t even released yet.

If that’s the case then why did PES win sports game of the year for the past two years and not FIFA. PES 2017 also knocked out FIFA 17 out of nominations for the prize again. Get butthurt bitch. Everything on FIFA 17 gameplay wise was already on PES many years ago. They are so behind. Ping pong football.

I can’t help but feel sorry for the people that buy this game year in year out. Why support a publisher that decides to take a feature out and then bring it back in 5 years as a new feature? They do this every year … And please don’t give me that crap that it’s a sports game , what are they supposed to change? Add something new or improve it otherwise the full price is not justified. 10 bucks would be okay.

PES 17 is much more realistic. Now, I don’t know which game will last longer and not get boring after 30 matches. I can say from what i see, PES after 4 years will be real competitor to FIFA. I think the real reason that PES doesn’t sells to high like FIFA it’s the Ultimate Team.

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