Chat told me to go to online settings

So many people including me have been facing this problem from day 1 but nothing has been done till now. So now that the other big problem (DNF) is solved (almost), I hope EA solve or at least acknowledge this problem many, many people have been facing.

No opponent found then i’m told i have lost my connection to the EA servers, time after time. When I can actually find a match I seem to be good for however long I want to play for but this is proving to be a very rare occurrence.

I only play singles and it happens a lot. Chat told me to go to online settings, change it to what ever it was set at, log back in to UT, try to find a match. If that does not work, go back to online settings, change the match making back to what it was, log back into UT and try again. This works for me less than 50% of the time.

Please take notice of this the setting under matchmaking when selecting ‘no’ does not work like how it should work on Fifa 15 when switching to no I used to instantly find opponents on fifa 15. But on this fifa for some reason when switching to no it somehow does not get saved on the server resulting in the same issue we are experiencing.


This is just ridiculous some people like myself sometimes just want to play a quick online game. Please take notice of this, I’m on PS4 and it happens all the time so a timezone is not needed. All we ask is for this to be fixed that’s all thank you.

30 min waiting for a match. I forwarded ports. In Los Angeles, CA, it’s not like there’s nobody playing fifa. After 5 years addicted to this game, I think I’m close to walking away. Good job EA! You obviously could give a $h17.

I’m fine wasting time if am playing a game. But to waste time waiting for a match. No thank you. I didn’t pay 99 bucks for the deluxe edition so EA can treat me like an a$$h0l3. I have to go to work now after jerkin off 35 min now trying to get a match in.

I think alot more people are playing draft offlone and just collecting a ton of packs. I got a new router one that allows me to change the settings and forces fifa or any game i own only to connect me to low ping and within a certian mile radius and i have some issues in tourneys i constantly forfit them and find someone within seconds.

Having the same problem on ps4 in south africa, Nobody can find games online. We never had this issue on fifa 15. I have only been able to find 5 games and i have had the game since it was released. Its nonsense that this is still an issue after the game has been out for two weeks. Ea’s attitude towards its consumers is appalling.

I PM’d Rob and he said that they’re aware of it but he doesn’t have any info. So I said to him it needs sorting A.S.A.P. All we can do now is just wait and hope they get this sorted out really soon. I just rage put my ps4 off now cause I’ve been searching for about 40mins then flung my controller and put the ps4 off. I’m losing patience honestly I am.

Have had this issue for every online game mode on Fifa 16 since launch on the PS4. Have done everything that was recommended….which is complete and utter BS to begin with because no other major title requires that nonsense and it’s obvious that it’s an issue on EA’s end.

I like how this is a MAJOR issue but there is no official thread on it and Rob refuses to comment publicly on the matter. Trying to get treated decently by EA is literally like pulling teeth lmao.

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