FIFA 14 Gameplay – Barcelona vs Real Madrid

I run this game on a gtx 1070, but the textures just aren’t right even at max settings. It really annoys me. The score board doesn’t look very smooth and the players look like cardboard cutouts during gameplay and fine during a cutscene, Its confusing.

i can recall right but was it fifa14 that had a patch 1.03 in october or or was it march that lasted 1 month then the new patch came out? because patch 1.03 was brilliant good, matches felt far more fair during that 1 month period.

you should buy it if u want to play online. but u can download the “fifa 14 nosteam” torrent from kickass or piratebay(but i dont know if u will be able to play online).

Is it me or do you guys also think that FIFA 08 (xbox 360/ps3 version) looks better than fifa 11/12/13 and 14 on current gen consoles. I mean the jerseys/kits in fifa 08 actually move and the player movements looks just as realistic as next gen fifa 14 to me….. so please everyone give me your unbiased opinions?

Hello im sorry to bother everyone but I am not trying to do any of these scams but simply ask people what they would like to see in a Fifa 14 Series! What content do you guys like to see? Is it wagers? Is it normal gameplay? trading series? Please comment and let me know!

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