10 things that FIFA 17 players hate

Oh heres a really annoying one. When your attacker has the ball in the box for what seems to be the easiest goal ever and he just completely whiffs and falls to the ground. Imagine it’s late in the game, you need a score, and your player goes full retarded like that.

You teenagers are complaining about troll packs? Really? You do know if there’s a delay you are getting a good player right? Don’t know if you noticed and the flares are a sign too.

I was having a lot of issues with injuries some games getting 2 or 3, but recruiting staff in your club does reduce the injuries significantly. My biggest issue is the keepers who like in this video make stupid errors that I cannot control, and also the defenders where players try to make a simple tackle and its completely off allowing a player to basically run straight through my defender. I never have this issue offline on any difficulty or even in KO against others but as soon as I get on Pro Clubs or FUT the gameplay changes altogether.

Fifa might have everything but PES has the gameplay and goalkeepers kick ass. Konami just needs to iron out servers and im jumping the ship next edition. Goth both Fifa 17 and PES 17 and Pes is miles ahead.

The 8 is the most I walkways try to beat pro when I was close it came a penalty and they scored and also we are all noobs at this new penalty so if we have a friend next to us were dead.

Holding the Teammate Contain (RB) button whilst defending is the worst thing to happen to FIFA, period. It’s impossible for people to be bad at defending when they can just hold that button, defending used to be a skill and something you could be good at to be able to win a game, now it’s just easy by default thanks to that button. It needs to be nerfed seeming as the players literally stick to your attackers no matter what you do, besides passing.

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