Cheaters are able to cheat via two different ways

Seeing such an uproar about this no-loss glitch on all platforms will hopefully give an opportunity to get a huge issue on PC sorted which has been plaguing the community for years.

Cheaters are able to cheat via two different ways, and have been doing this since FIFA 12.

The first way is via loading a programme which allows a player to give themselves N number of goals, then press another button to immediately end the game. This has been around for almost six years without any sort of solid response from EA. This allows players to fly through division one and FUT drafts, claiming huge rewards every 2-3 minutes.

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There has been no anti-cheat created, and EA’s only effort to resolve this cheating issue is to introduce a ‘no alt-tab’ aspect to the game. The thinking behind this may be to stop the cheaters from seeing their programme, however has not stopped them at all. It has only caused legitimate players from not being able to alt-tab to change music, respond to messages or access websites. An alt-tab results in an immediate disconnect. Also any notification from Origin, Steam or a Windows update will cause an immediate disconnection.

The second way players cheat is via making all of their players 99 rated. This is done ingame and appears to be completely undetectable via EA, as these players using 99 rated cards are still receiving their WL rewards.

I hope all of you guys could imagine how outrageous and the absolute uproar of this was prevelant on all consoles, not just PC. It has completely ruined the gaming experience for thousands, with no end in sight.

All we’d love is a real attempt at an anti-cheat, and to play the game we love on the same level playing field as console players.

On PC it’s like 5 years that there are cheats and glitches, EA has never ever admitted anything and they have never take action against it. It seems that for them this is completely normal how things are going here And the best part is that we pay the same money as consoles to play it.

It doesn’t help that the problems with PC are so fantastical compared to the console issues. Console guys are upset because of like turning speed and player positioning. PC problems sound like villainous master plans in an Austin Powers movie.

Hoping that while resolving cheating is on their minds something can be done about it, as you stated it’s been around since FIFA 12, and would be in their interest to reduce the time vetting for cheaters at the end of WLs.

They would sell more copies of fifa on PC if they just made sure people couldn’t cheat. A big reason to why people are not getting fifa for PC anymore is because of the cheaters ruining the game.

I feel for you man, I used to game on PC last FIFA. I would still be doing so if there weren’t so many cheaters and exploits. It was impossible to do draft last year, 99 rated bronze teams, People quitting and you getting loss and many other cheats. Hopefully EA will implement changes to this problem soon.

Such a shame that man. Lots of people can’t afford an Xbox/PS to just play 1 game on, so we have no option but to play on PC, and should expect a same game experience as console.

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