Balance and long shots have a nice edge in aggression

Really loved this formation last year. I have just packed Muller in a two rear player pack so I thought what better time to make my 4411 formation with him CF. I need some advice who would you put in the cm’s spot behind him from the Bundesliga? I have roughly 30.000k to play with.

Finally used the formation last night. Played very well! Kante was dominant as he is in every formation. Still having trouble finding a LM I like and also trying to decide if I should use Matuidi as my other CM or not. Tried loan Ben Arfa at CF and he had 7 goals and 3 assists in 6 games. 2 of them the opponent quit also. The LM problem is pretty real for me though haha. Who are you guys liking at LM?

In all honesty I’ve never really gone near them as didn’t want to mess anything up haha, might have a play about with them this year though as you can set them from the pre match screen now.

Who are you guys using at striker? I have Griezmann at striker and Ben Arfa at CF and Arfa has twice the goals and assists as Griez. Wonder if I’m wasting having someone that expensive at Striker.


I had used Ben Yedder at CF before actually lol. But then what do i do with Ben Arfa? Dump him? and what do you think about Matuidi and Kante both in midfield. Think I should use a more offensive player instead of Matuidi?

I have my starting teams ready to go. Just waiting for my Xbox One to get here. Focusing on the Russian League and Portuguese league teams first, then build toward the Bundes and Serie A sides as I get going. The goal is to only buy maybe $50 with a FIFA points at the start and then never buy them again, just play with what I have.

Been interested to try Costa!! Question for you though, I’m having a tough time getting goals out of my LM/RM. I get forward well with them but then I just get multiple defenders on me as I get near the box. I have stinking Bale and don’t get goals out of him lmao. All my goals come from my CF. do you think I need to be changing to a different formation without the wingers? Or make some changes?

What instructions would you give them? Dont mind carrilo at LM though, i always like to have a 5 star skiller in my team, also i want to have pizzi at RM because of cancelo at RB since the Liga NOS doesnt seem to have any decent RB. And of course what custom tactics woould you give me? I like to have a balanced way of possesion but also counter attacking (fast 1-2 passes).

The more I look at it, the more I love it. Not by design, but the Evra/Albiol pairing works with Coman/Thiago in front. M/H Evra and L/M Albiol should sit a little deeper, allowing Coman/Thiago to get aggressive. Evra flys around the field, don’t let his pace fool you.

Who shall I get as a RB from Serie A. Thinking of Leich but having played with him that FIFA 16, kinda bored. Alves and Peres are the other candidates but the former is expensive. How much coins and which div currently mate?

Joao is very good. However, I buy into the chemistry thing. I’ve played with enough players on Basic now to notice a difference. You are losing a lot of extra skill points having him on 7 chem.

W/R don’t match. Joao is M/H and Banega M/M. You could say they compliment each other. I don’t like matching W/R in the mid anyway. I find you get balance and coverage by having players of different work rates help cover the field. So a M/H sits back, M/M, scours the middle of the field, H/H and even H/M are b2b.

Asa also have a nice edge in aggression, balance and long shots. On full chem, you can enhance whatever area you think you need the most help.

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