FIFA 17 – Ultimate Team Championship Series

Thats true, even if u could argue that he was time wasting he was doing that on the oppoenents midfield so respect to the guy. but that last shot if it was with a finesse shot messi would have scored which would prove that time wasting is essential.

Away goals?? in a online football game wtf the reason theres an away goal counts more rule IRL is because players have to travel and play in a stadium of the opeside team, it doesnt make sense when you’re sitting 2 feet from eachother.

what have the consoles do anything with it? the away goals rule are worthless in a video game. in fact scoring more than ur opponent is useless as well in a video game specially since momentum swings and stuff like that happen all the time. its should be a best out of 3 games and that should have settled the score. this way they just proved they are even matched.

1 win to both sides and same amount of goals scored. theres no sayiing who is the best out of the 2 of them. only by doing more games, in fact only by doing at least 5 games u can actually understand u deserves it more. if out of 10 games 1 gets 7 wins and the othe gets 3 wins then its obvious who is the best. but if its all even then im afraid this competition is worthless since it doesnt decide who is the better player.

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