America kidm3mito vs AA9skillz

You are correct but when you put so much time to a game and years you are not just entertaining then you are much more like it or not. He may not call himself a pro but the time he puts into fifa can very well make him or anyone else for that matter one. If you do one job for long enough at a high level you eventually get compared to others in the same category like it or not?

Skillz had lots of space and he should have taken the long shots. After he saw that the other guy took long shots he should have used high pressure and counter attack?

Everyone hating on skillz in the comments are saying skills was thinking he was the best and that he was going to destroy the competition when he was just there to have fun and experience it for the first time, he wasn’t expecting to get far so stop talking.

i think AA9skillz he doing something not much of us could do…and he isnt acting like he is the best and hes expecting things hes just going out here to represent and u know wat i hope he wins come on bro.

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