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I’m running nos and super Lig teams so I’m hoping to add 3 IFs to my teams (Jota and Grimaldo nos as well as Padolski). I would convert Padolski to CM as Sneijder is awesome as cam. I like using lesser leagues as it’s pretty cheap to upgrade as the game progresses.

Yeah I made decent coins on the Podolski IF last year. He ended up pretty expensive. That hyperlink he had with Gomez.

When you guys relist, do you click relist (have all expire at the same second) or stagger relist times by say 10-15 seconds, maybe its just be I seem to think I have better luck staggering relist times but takes so long for what may be placebo effect.


Not as such, as all cards will sell eventually. but you run the risk of having shitloads of a card that isn’t selling well. That’s why the recommended amount is 8 – 10. Enough to fill a screen on the transfer list but not too many if it goes wrong.

I bought around 24 Falque’s at less than 13.5k each. Still have around 140k to invest but going to wait for this weeks informs. going to stick to 10 from now on, just thought that the more I had the better they would sell, but a 3k loss on each if it goes wrong is like 60k I guess.

Just have faith this totw 2 and maybe totw 3 will be affected of the TOTW players. Many more packs opened. So there will be more if of that card. And we dont know what fut championship will do either. So you have to have alot of paitence and maybe spread your buys a little more.. but dont worry it will sell eventually.

new here and hope this isn’t too much trouble. I’ve read through about 15 pages of the thread, (skimmed) I can’t find an exact description of what the method is? Is it just wait till Monday and buy IF cards? or is there more to it than that?


is it just me or the IF equivalent of the TOTW cards are not on the market? Only the TOTW cards are. was that always supposed to be the case? Or just because the TOTWs are still in packs?

Just basically find player that you think people would be interested in that’s selling for as close to min as possible (or ultimately when you’re comfortable with investing) you can immediately list for at least a 5k profit for an hour and keep relisting. With any luck a lazy buyer will buy and you make some quick profit. or you can wait until that IF is out of packs and there’s usually a slight rise in cost so you can benefit from selling for more as the cheapest will rise.


You want to wait and buy the IFs when they are at their cheapest yes. You don’t just want to pick up any IF and go with it. Prices will drop throughout the week as more and more people are ripping packs and more and more are dumped onto the market. But when they leave packs is when we get a bump in price and that’s generally when you can sell for the most profit.

basically buy as close to discard of an IF player who you think could sell well. Buy at least 7 of them, aim for 5k profit on each and relist as much as possible. Don’t worry if nobody sells, they will eventually. I’ve had 10 varas for days now, eventually they will sell.

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