ESPN live the entire tournament e-sports FIFA 17

In the last month of 1.2017, EA Sports has announced information about the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship title with a total bonus value of up to $ 1.3 million (about 30 billion). We can say that this is one of the world’s largest e-sports events, so it is e-sports organizations and special attention to media channels.


As a result, the main event of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Champions will be held in Berlin in the next few months – Germany. As expected, qualifying this season is divided into several areas, including: Paris (4.2 days), Sydney (11.2), Miami (19.2), Vancouver (8.4), Singapore (22.4), last Madrid (6.5 ). After the qualifying session, 16 players will be ranked first in the world’s leading Berlin competition with up to $ 400,000 (about 9 billion) awards.


And recently, in the last 4.2 days – qualifying session in Paris on the opening day – the United States Electronic Arts and ESPN has announced that it will cooperate to broadcast ESPN FIFA 17 Ultimate Paris Group Championship qualifying, which is an article confirming the electronic sports website ESPN The

ESPN website also confirmed that it was the first e-sports event in ESPN, competing with Super Bowl Lee (American Football League) in Fox. The event will also begin to broadcast FIFA 17 game events to the global extension of the season on May 5 FIFA even on ESPN 17 hours of broadcast (6:00 to 7:00 pm ET) is almost the same as Super Bowl Fox Lee (6:30 PM, ET).


“The same talk time” is shared, Mr. John Lasker, ESPN’s vice president, said: “We are trying to cover up sports events that people believe that FIFA e-sports events broadcast on our channel 17 will be Super Bowl direct competition Fox is the same slot, but I believe the Paris regional final and the Super Bowl audience have a completely different tastes.


It can be said that the live live e-sports event on the popular traditional sports TV channel is very encouraging signal and strengthen the future development of e-sports with confidence.

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