Warning* this cards price will jump # Road to fut champions

Can’t blame him for not doing career mode rn, he’s getting 100k-150k more views on fut champions videos than career mode vids.

as long as his RTG series is doing this good he won’t, he said clearly that he doesn’t have enough time to do both of them so in order to bring back career mode he’ll need to put an end to RTG.

Scripted and handicapping disgrace off a game ultimate team is a joke earn coins to buy better players then EA handicap you to make it fair bull shit and as for packs rip off never get any thing but you lot pack everything your in on it.

Yo I know your probably not gonna see this but the same exact thing happened to me Reus couldn’t finish and my right wing dembele couldn’t keep the ball so aubameyang carried so I switched up my team and haven’t lost a single game yet.

Eyal Saab Aim the yellow target at your player at the near post and hold down the square button or x on xbox and it goes low and your player can hit it.

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