FIFA mobile news – team of the week & player of the month

Since the launch of FIFA Mobile in September of 2016, we have offered a series of In Form Player Items, which highlight the best players from around the world based on their domestic league play in the past week.

The set up for In Forms was very different in comparison to how Team of the Week has typically worked as we didn’t feature a true team. Instead, we featured eight (8) Gold Players, two (2) Elite Players, and one (1) Master Elite from varying positions.

Beginning this week (Week of March 6, 2017), we’re changing how we do In Forms and Man of the Match Items. In Forms will now be a proper Team of the Week, featuring 11 players using standard formations, with one (1) player chosen as the Master Elite Player. You will need to complete the TOTW Plan to unlock our new Player of the Month Item, which replaces Man of the Match*.


Team of the week

The core design of Team of the Week will be like In Forms. We will continue to highlight the best players from around the world based on their domestic league play (or international play when we have International Breaks) within a single week. Now, we will feature a proper Starting XI.

The style is still the same. Out of the 11 players that make up the TOTW, 1 will be our Master Elite Player Item. To unlock the weekly TOTW Master Player item, you will need to get all 10 of the other TOTW Player Items for that week.

Unlocking the TOTW Master Player Item rewards you with a POTM Token for that month. You will need to use POTM Tokens to unlock the new Player of the Month Player for that specific month.

We will still have Live Events that grant TOTW Tokens to use in that week’s TOTW Plan. That Plan will grant you a random TOTW Player to use in completing that week’s TOTW Master Plan.

Any existing In Form Tokens you have in your inventory will be automatically updated to a new Team of the Week Token.

Player of the month

At the start of a new month, we will select a Player who has had an incredible previous month with a high rated Elite Player of the Month Item. To unlock the Player of the Month, you’ll need to complete all weekly TOTW Plans for that Month plus other requirements which we will announce when the POTM Plan goes live in-game.


The POTM will become available on the first full week of a new month, meaning that March’s POTM is available to unlock on or around April 4, 2017 (date to be confirmed).

After we announce the Player of the Month, you will have one (1) week to complete the corresponding POTM Plan.

When we announce totw and potm

For the moment, timing for our TOTW will not change. We will continue to announce on social every Tuesday night in North America (after approx. 17:00 PT or 1:00 UK on Wednesday), with the Plan going live in-game that same evening.

As has been the case with In Forms, the players selected for our TOTW may not necessarily match what Console FIFA Ultimate Team announces for their squad. Be sure to visit us every week to find out who made the TOTW and the reasons why.

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As for Player of the Month, we will announce it on the first Monday of a Month. As with most of our new in-game content, this announcement will happen after 17:00 PT/01:00 UK. (exact timing to be confirmed)

We think that these changes will add some more excitement to FIFA Mobile but are open to adjusting how TOTW and POTM work. We look forwards to announcing the first TOTW in this new format, revealing the first POTM, and hearing what you have to say about both Programs.

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