Inform idrissa gueye the new if Kante Squad duel

This wasn’t the most stupid thing you’ve ever done on squad builder showdown, remember Ranto Sanches vs Delli Alli with jack when you put BPL players when Jack had Renato Sanches!

Itani is actually the most annoying Fifa player ever he scores long shots (which are just luck) then he dabs for then. He concedes a goal and says it was cheating. Andy dabs (because he was) and then itani says: na don’t dab against friends.

If it’s a draw, you guys should have one discard each. Or you should play the extra time and pens if necessary, and if pens get discards from score of the shootout.

I have a suggestion for a rule that could be added: since legends are hard to guess because all legends get links, you should be able to simply guess “legend” and that would count as guessing the player. To combat this and make it so you can’t just guess “legend” all the time you could make it so you can only guess “legend” once a game.

Andy if you draw there should be a discard so for example you drew 3 – 3 so both of you should get 3 discards each its more fun that way otherwise its just boring expecting for someone to discard a player to actully being a draw and nothing happens.

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