Full legends vs full none-rare team

Is handicap real!?! will the legends be amazing just because they are legends! A full legend team vs the sweatiest none-rare premier league team possible, who will come out on top?

Like if Andy would have used more of the higher end Legend center backs like Blanc, Desailly, Baresi and so on there really would have been no need to even compere the center backs, Andy also do high end legends team vs best gold teams so a legend team With like Van Basten, Ruud Gullit, Best and so on against a team With like Ronaldo, Messi Suarez, no team of the year just standard gold versjons of the cards.

The only legends Andy have that were decent were Futre and Brehme, get that this was an experiment but when you use a decent legend team like Laudrup and Sol Campbell nothing incredible but decent you would get such a better result.

I find it funny that baia is the lowest rated legend gk but he has better stats than all the other legend gks except for Casper schmeichel. Even then they have equal stats.

“Surely someone with a legends team should be able to beat someone with a non rare team 99 times out of 100 irrelevant of how good they are at FIFA.” Well gg hf then knowing you will lose every time you face up against a better team on paper. A legends defense just couldn’t make up for Andy’s garbage defending in this match. Of course a Carragher won’t catch up if Mbokani is throught just after the halfway line, so you have to defend differently. And 64 pace isn’t horribly slow.

“Why would you pay for [legend] over any of these?” Maybe because front of card stats aren’t everything, legends are automatically on 10 chem and give a link to anyone, they make complicated high rated hybrids possible and because each one works to different people’s play styles like normal cards do, so a full team of legends will never work bc you can’t play the game in 11 different ways.

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