Buying the best cm card in the game

Guys I would like some help with my team i am selling Aubamyang (butchered that) another walkout and 2 informs and a lot of other players I play 433 as my centre backs are Bailly and Smalling my full backs are Walker and Alex Sandro and my gk is cech one of my cm s is kante and here is where I need help.

Skills its’s great that you buy a player and then hype it for two vids and sell em off and then you go to buy new players. Meanwhile im buying the same players and im losin a lot of coins for buying and selling these players.

That thing you’re going to have to figure out… is that you are not playing on your main account with millions of coins, you can’t just buy these fitness cards like it’s nothing, most of us who watch u don’t have a mega team but we have 2 solid teams for fitness, and this might be the way to go for RTG.

I just wanna say that for some reasons I feel that your all goals look the same! I mean the same way. You know how to score the goals! You’re indeed a pro player! not like you always say! But try something else when you score your goals just as an advice. Keep it up man! I really appreciate what you do.

use the 4321 mainly because it seems as if ur wingers are not get involved as much. I have the otw mane as well and I have problems with playing him in 433 formations, he isn’t getting involved as much as I want him to ( his the best player in my team).

if the fitness cards sell fore more than 1500 coins use bronze player fitness, you can get them on bid for 150 coins and it sums up to 150 coins. I use it all the time and people don’t pay attention to the player fitness cards.

I know you probably won’t believe it but I’ve used many defenders such as Boateng and Smalling but my favorite is Sakho! Sakho seems slow but he has decent pace and it is hard for weak strikers to get passed him. He has medium/high work rates so he never pushes up. I have his OTW because I want his inform if he ever gets one. You should really try him do!

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