How to Make 2K18 MT Coins in NBA 2K18


Sell player card

If you are lucky enough, you can pull a valuable card from packs, then you sell it on the Auction House for a very high price

To “Snipe” on the Auction House

Some people take a method of “Sniping” on AH, but what is “Sniping”? The “sniping” here means buying cards for a cheap price when the market refreshes. Youtube video shows how the game player makes a substantial profit on AH easily in NBA 2K17.

Some people play the fluctuation of the AH market.

They find prices tend to cycle across the week. Prices usually go down because TBT (Throwback Thursday) and FBF (Flashback Friday) players incentivize much more pack openings, so the more cards to be on sale, the lower prices there will be, especially when 2K apparently increases drop rates for rare cards, such as DPOY Packs and Amethysts. Some special packs like T0P 10 Player, PGs, SGs, SFs, PFs, C’S Player etc. will only be released a very limited number of times. Once they are released, prices are very low, but after a while, supply evaporates, then prices go up. So many people tend to hold the cards until prices go higher.

Collect all TBT cards

People also try to collect all TBT cards to increase the opportunity to earn more MT. Once the TBT packs drop, consumers jump on them to bid at the lowest prices, when cards stay out of the market, they resell them to make the amount of profit. However, this method depends on the rarity of the cards since its release.

To win in Gauntlet

In the Gauntlet PvP games, if you win, you can draw two cards on a board with 20 different cards on it. One of them is a player card- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Amethyst, depending on what level of board you’re on. The higher the board is, the better the non-player cards are (i.e. Contracts, Badges, straight MT, Logos, etc.). If you’re good enough to win steadily in Gauntlet, it’s fairly lucrative to play Gauntlet and auction off what you draw. You probably get 100+ MT from the game itself and get at least a few hundred MT of value from what you draw. If you can play through a 10-game series of Gauntlet on the Gold Board, you’ll get a handful of premium Badges, which could range in AH sell price of 1,500-5,000+. The second Cousy Reward Amethyst Board is very nice as well with a good number of 1,000 MT cards and Bronze/Silver/Gold players, but the Badges are not as good as those on the Gold.

Replaying Domination/Challenges

You can play the easy games with a low-tier team. Maybe you would only gain 500-800 MT by playing an entire game, but it improves your skills and refines your mastery of plays.

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