Mu Legend FAQ and prepare for get started appreciate obt

It’s the final countdown! Marks the starting of a brand-new chapter inside the MU franchise, with all the launch of MU Legend’s open beta for our worldwide audience!
As you can picture, Mu legend is busy preparing for tomorrow’s OBT release. To be sure you happen to be ready as well, Mu┬álegend like you to verify you have got the following “techy” fundamentals covered:
– Client downloaded from our website and installed on your Computer?
– Graphics card drivers as much as date, along with Direct X, Visual C++ along with the Universal C Runtime?
– Adequate disk space obtainable in your challenging drives to let for smooth operations? (We recommend at least 25GB of cost-free space)

When you answered “yes” to all of the above, it appears like you are all set! Now let’s cover a few regularly asked concerns we’ve gathered from mu2zen. MU2ZEN as a professional Mu Legend zen website, supplies secure, rapidly and low-cost Mu legend Power leveling for you. With more than ten years of excellence, we’ve served a large number of buyers. For those who are hesitating exactly where to buy Mu legend items, MU2ZEN might be a fantastic choice.

Q: Exactly where is my character from the closed beta?
A: The characters from CBT1 and two had to become erased. Even so, we’ve got excellent news: Characters designed through the open beta will in no way be deleted, and all progress might be kept when the game is officially released – no extra data wipes!

Q: OK, that’s all fantastic! But now, when can I start off playing?
On Tuesday, November 7th, the WEBZEN portal is going to be in upkeep from three:00 to 9:00 AM UTC. The game maintenance will take a bit much more time. We’re aiming to open the game servers at 11:00 AM UTC. Please note that beginning the servers to our beloved players can continuously demand a bit a lot more time, so stay tuned to our Facebook web page for updates regarding the OBT launch!

Q: I downloaded the client for the tension test, so I’ve to redownload?
A: No, you might be capable of patch your client when we open the server. This will likely remove the strain test limitations and apply the newest bug fixes.

Q: I just heard about MU Legend, it sounds incredible! Correctly where do I build an account?
A: Creating a WEBZEN account is no cost and super simple, you will just need a valid email address. Click here to join us!

Q: I participated in the CBT/stress test, exactly where are my rewards?
A: Rewards will likely be distributed just before the end of upkeep on November 14th. We’ll reveal a lot more in our news when rewards are accessible!

Q: I bought a Frontier Pack, when do I get it?
A: It will take as much as 48h to distribute the Frontier Packs. Preserve an eye in your storage!

Q: What do I do if I experience any troubles?
A: It will depend on the situation. When you are seeking for support with making the most beneficial character, verify out the website guides/join our forums or the discard channel. For those who feel the problem is far more critical, make contact with our assistance team. Please note that support is at the moment available in English only. Ensure that to translate your ticket into English to get an answer from our group.


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