Warmane Black Temple: The Supremus Base Guides for Beginner

Supremus is a huge Abyssal along with the second boss in Black Temple. The fight is usually a battle for survival. Following dropping this boss, the next four bosses (Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend, Reliquary of Souls and Gurtogg Bloodboil) can be killed in any order.

Supremus, second boss on the Black Temple as well as a piece of cake pushover boss for any person capable of functioning by means of earlier encounters including Kael’thas, Vashj, Archimonde, and so on. Ignore his large stature, as he doesn’t, in fact, hurt that considerably in the event you fight him appropriately.

Molten Flame – Fires off various streams of blue fire along the ground targeting players, offers 3000 fire damage a second, utilized just about every 20 seconds or so.
Hateful Strike – Incredibly higher damage melee strike targeted at the highest HP player within range.

Phase 2
Gaze – Generally the identical as Thaladred the Darkener’s potential in the Kael’thas fight, Supremus will pick a player to gaze at and comply with them for 10 seconds at 90% movement speed, generating it fairly easy to prevent him.
Molten Punch – 40-yard variety or so, bargains about five,000 damage and knockback, used on his current gaze target.
Volcanic Geyser – Accompanied by an emote of “The ground starts to crack open!” summoning little volcanoes, each and every will spew out the blue fire into the surrounding area, dealing about 4500 damage, pretty avoidable.

Phase 1
Phase 1 can be a fairly straightforward Tank n’ spank affair, have your two tanks, Main-tank and hateful strike tank, run up and engage the boss, everyone else surroundings him in a normal fashion, ranged classes staying about as far away as possible.
The hateful strike will continue to be targeted just about every 5 seconds in the highest HP raid member, within this case it needs to be your off-tank disregarding odd circumstances, hitting for about 7K each and every usage, hold the off-tank topped off.
Other than this the last mechanic of phase 1 will be to have melee avoid the molten flames, a rather easy job as they glow a bright fiery blue when summoned, however, even a second or two of standing in them is rather painful.
60 seconds after getting engaged Supremus will enter Phase 2.

Phase 2
Once phase 2 starts Supremus will set his sights(gaze) on a raid member, possess the targeted player move away as immediately as you can or else facing an easy one-shot should really they be anything but the tank.
Also, many miniature volcanoes will spawn all through the region, firing out balls of blue fire dealing rather painful amounts of damage but relatively simple to avoid at the same time. The molten flames will continue to be cast too, watch out for these however once more.
The Tanks are going to desire to adhere to the boss closely and max out their rage, threat levels will reset getting into Phase 1 once additional and as a result, send the boss off wildly attacking players should really the tanks not be capable of creating threat instantaneously.
Melee DPS nonetheless will have to have to watch their step because the boss can and will switch over to them and proceed to one-shot the player at occasions, be as cautious as possible whilst maintaining DPS around the moving boss.
Ranged DPS will probably be firing full-bore as a result of lack of aggro troubles during this phase, only the bosses target require worry about keeping his/her distance, everybody else can DPS as a lot as you can.
As soon as the boss has cycled through 5 targets he will wipe threat and return to phase 1.

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