Mage Tower Now Active Once again on EU Realms

The Mage TowerDeveloping is now active once again on EU realms! Players that have the least 35 traits on their Artifact ( Energy Unbound) can operate on solo challenges for an Artifact Appearance. We’ve guided to beating the challenges for all 36 specs also as detailed comments on all challenge quest pages.
The Artifact Appearances in the Mage Tower won’t be obtainable just after Legion, so we’re publishing articles reminding players when this constructing is up as Legion draws to an end.
As these appearances are pretty striking for Transmog, we’ve also place together a guide for preparing for the Mage Tower Challenges on new players.

Should you require support preparing for the challenge on any character, verify out this guide that covers the steps to completely gear up and prepare a character for the Mage Tower challenge in significantly less than per week, with little to no group content material. Our Holy Paladin Writer Pelinal completed the challenges on all 36 specs and wanted to place this guide with each other based on his experiences finding Alts prepared for the Mage Tower.

WhyOperate on the Artifact Challenges?
One particular with the issues lots of players are discovering themselves carrying out even though they wait for Battle For Azeroth is always to get some (or all!) with the Mage Tower’s Artifact Appearances for their alternate characters. Blizzard has announced that these Artifact Appearances will be unobtainable come Battle For Azeroth, so many completionist players are looking to get as several appearances as you can just before they are gone for very good!
These challenges may be exciting, long-term targets to set for the adults. Who knows you could possibly even enjoy the class or classes you play and desire to pursue them additional! People today also additional challenge themselves with attempting their Artifact Challenges with their Allied Race characters that had been not too long ago leveled up! This guide is also an awesome place to start for new or returning players to obtain caught up as rapidly as possible.
Nevertheless, the finish goal of this guide is obtaining ready for the Artifact Challenge. For those who intend on seriously playing a class, you could possibly desire to do some of the content I recommend skipping or focusing all your efforts on finding the proper legendaries for that specialization. But in the event you stick to this guide, it is best to be able to get a character to around item level 930 in no time!

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